About Louise...

Louise was born in St Ives in Cornwall in 1966 and spent all of her childhood growing up in this fantastic county. She then spent much of her 20’s traveling within Europe and Australasia before coming back to Cornwall in 1995 and returned to college to complete her HND in Business & Finance and then onto Plymouth University to complete her Business Administration BA (Hons) degree.  Her work in IT then took her to Winchester for 15 years, but she remained close to her Cornish roots and regularly visited her family and friends in St Ives.  However, the pull of Cornwall was too strong and in November 2011, she returned to Cornwall and settled very happily back into Cornish life.


Louise always knew the beauty of Cornwall but it was her time away that gave her a renewed look at the true magnificence of this magical place, something that she had taken for granted in her earlier years. Coming from a creative family background, she always knew that she had an artistic streak, but until this point, she had not found her creative medium. She acquired her first SLR camera in 2012 and this opened up a whole new world of creativity and very quickly became her passion. It was a steep learning curve and a matter of a lot of trial and error, but as she began to master the various techniques, she started to produce some beautiful and unique images.


Louise’s work is varied, but her real passion is the Cornish light and it’s impact on the sand and sea. She produces many beautiful images of the beaches most predominately around the Northern Cornish coast, one of her favorite areas. Her preferred time of day for working is the evening time when she can take full advantage what the gorgeous sunsets have to offer. She uses a technique of under exposure to produce images that have rich, vivid and dramatic colour and softness.  She began to develop her skills in night time photography and astro photography, and will be adding more images in these categories in the very near future.


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