Cornish Wild Flowers - Large bubble glass candle

Cornish Wild Flowers - Large bubble glass candle


With fragrances that invoke memories of the places you love. This is the second of my new series of candles, inspired by the intoxicating scent of the wild flowers on a warm sunny day during a long walk across the cliffs from Porthcurno to Logans Rock shortly after lockdown. It was a very special day and the sight and scent of the flowers are still strong in my memory now. Visually, this candle depicts the roots of the flowers deep in the ground with hand painted heather and gorse on the top. The scent is my own custom blend of some of my favourite flowers including buttercups, heather, honeysuckle and bluebell. A large candle with a massive 380gms of wax, 10% fragrance and an approx burn time of up to 80hrs.  Note: As these are individually handmade, each one may vary in appearance a little.


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