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Land 01 - Rocks on Porthkidney

Land 01 - Rocks on Porthkidney


Art millions of years in the makingUndersea lava, earthquakes, extreme temperatures, weather, and relentless wave action over millions of years have taken part in creating the rocks, minerals and metals that make up our Cornish geology. Rocks are amazing, yet we walk past them every day as they lay largely unnoticed. Each one is unique, some have amazing colours and markings, others look less remarkable, but when looking up closely, each has it own individual beauty. Rocks are art, natural, organic and earthly. My new collection of work captures the natural beauty of Cornish rocks. I simply capture the image of the rock, then digitally ‘polish’ them by boosting their natural colours and contrast, nothing else added and nothing taken away. Hope you enjoy them.


If you want any other sizes, please contact me via my contact page.

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