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Sunset & Sunrise Photography Workshops

Sunrise 19th April 2021 - 2.jpg

Sunsets and sunrises produce some of the most iconic Cornish images, but they are not as easy to capture as you think. The sun can be blown out/over exposed or the foreground can be too dark. This workshop will give you several techniques you can use to get a perfectly balanced final image. You will need to be comfortable working out of automatic mode and able to manipulate shutter speed and aperture. We will spend about 20 mins going through some basic theory and equipment needed and then and spend the rest of the time practicing. 
What you will need:
- a camera that has shutter and aperture priority modes 

- ND filters if you have them

- flash units if you have them

If you do not have a suitable camera or equipment, you can use one of ours. 

Opportunities for this workshop are limited by weather and sun rise and setting time.

Use our contact us page to enquire about our astro photography workshops.

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